metal detecting sito scoops

SITO Story

SITO is a project started by three active enthusiasts with several years experience in metal detecting. It is a product created by metal detectorists for metal detectorists. Our products are made for beach detecting in dry and in wet conditions. After many years of trial and error we are pretty sure we created a scoop very close to perfection. A Unique in design and shape, great durability, high quality and an affordable price make our scoop perfect for the most demanding metal detectorist. We honestly think that, at this point in time, it is the best sand scoop on the world market.

Our mission

Our mission is simple, we want to create a scoop so comfortable and durable that you will never think about buying another one.

We are developing our products all the time as well as increasing the range of products. This is why we are very interested in your opinion about not only the scoop, but also our website.

This will be of great assistance to ensure that we are heading in the right direction. We think that there is always room for improvement and the path to perfection is an endless one.

Please, send your opinion, if You are user of our products: