BackEZ (EziMate) Handle Grip- Blue/Green/Yellow/Red colour


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The unique BackEZ Grip is so simple and so effective. This ingenious local design harnesses the law of leverage and combines it with an understanding of biomechanics to assist in reducing the time and effort required to get the job done. The BackEZ Grip promotes a more upright posture, helps to increase productivity, and helps relieve tension on the back, neck, and arms via the use of leverage and biomechanics. The BackEZ Grip is easy to install and is infinitely adjustable. It tightens with an Allen key around any handle, pole, or other long-handled tools such as sand scoops, mops, rakes, brooms, vacuums, pool scoops, shovels, pitchforks, grass cutters, hedge trimmers and so much more. The handle simply needs a diameter of between 20mm and 50mm. With BackEZ Grip the time and effort required for a task may be significantly reduced.

There are 4 colors available- Yellow/Blue/Green/Red. Please let us know what color you prefer.

This product works well on handles up to 40mm so you can easily fit it on our SITO carbon handle available in our store.


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