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MOTUS Lift Grips.
Perfect for Wood or Carbon Fiber Handles. We tested them and they passed. Lightweight, no sharp edges or corners, rust-free, and rock solid.

This lightweight, auxiliary T-grip mounts at the upper end of a garden/digging tool handle and gives pushing and pulling control to the backhand. It also minimizes the bending of the wrist and allows for full-body leverage when pushing. Motus T Grip was designed to offer arthritis and back pain relief and to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tendonitis. The plastic grip is easily movable from one tool to another,  you may need to use a wrench for tightening.

Colour- black/white.

Please be aware this product works on handles up to 34mm diameter so it is not suitable for our SITO carbon handles. It will work but it will be stretched to the maximum and could be damaged much quicker.
If you need a similar product for our SITO carbon handles- please check BackEZ handle available in our store.


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