SITO- 200mm (7.75″) Wide (Circular Mixed Holes/Sharp Front) Scoop + 1000mm (39.5″) Long 3K Carbon Fibre Pole


New, superior quality heavy duty SITO Scoop model with carbon handle.

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This package consists of 200mm wide scoop and 1m carbon handle together.

You get everything you need to install the handle in the scoop- timber dowel to put inside the handle, vinyl cap for the handle, and screw.
All you need at home is a screwdriver and in 5 mins your scoop will be ready.

Some information about what you get in this package:

SITO- 200mm (7.75″) Wide (Circular Mixed Holes/Sharp Front) Scoop
New, heavy-duty SITO Scoop model. Made of 2mm stainless steel – also known as inox steel. Width- 200mm.

With circular-shaped holes and sharp front, it is a perfect scoop for hard beach shells. Each hole is laser-cut at 3/8″ – so it’s the perfect size for smaller rings and jewelry that other scoops tend to lose, but offers enough surface area to allow wet sand to fall through with a good shake. Another unique feature for this model is the section of smaller holes through the middle of the scoop. It prevents very small objects like earrings from falling through the holes. You won’t find this feature in any of the competitors’ scoops.

The big difference between our SITO scoop and others is the specially shaped flat part for the foot which helps in digging for targets. When trying to dig, this flat part provides space to push down on with your foot, which is unlike the curves or sharp edges in many other scoops.

With circular holes, durability and ideal shape, it makes it perfect for beach and water detecting in harder conditions.

1000mm (39.5″) Long 38mm OD x 34mm ID 3K Carbon Fibre Pole

Superior quality- sanded with glossy painting.
Length- 1000mm, Outer diameter- 38mm, Internal diameter- 34mm, Weight- 500g.

We highly recommend using the timber dowel inside the tube in the screw/bolt location.

End vinyl cap and timber dowel included.

Additional information

Weight 2.0 kg


Scoop Dimensions: 7.8″ x 4.7″ opening (200mm x 120mm)

Scoop Weight: 3.3 lbs (1500 g)

Handle opening is 1.5″ (38mm)


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